TruVisions - Love Ritual and Tarot Cards - Korea, Republic of

TruVisions - Love Ritual and Tarot Cards

TruVisions - Love Ritual, Tarot Cards, Pendulum in Korea, Republic of. I am an experienced tarot reader & clairvoyant who specializes in past life releases, future predication, relationship, career, general reads, advice, photo & Point of view readings. As an intuitive reader, as I lay each tarot card down I am able to quckly channel answers to questions as visions appear to me. IF I AM IN FREE CHAT I AM AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE READINGS OR PRE-BOOK TO THE RIGHT. ----> I do not have any reading dislikes. However , if i am asked to do a reading that makes me uncomfortable you will be told in advance. I like to do readings targeted towards specific issues and situations. For example career and soulmate (PLUS MORE) . I am also able to do readings from the perspective of another. for example, If you would like to know what you ex is thinking i am able to 20 years of practice in Korea, Republic of.

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